Freedom is slavery

Do you ever get the nagging sensation that something in your work life is not quite right? Ever since the pandemic hit in 2020, scores of young workers have been allowed to work from the comfort of their homes, free from the commute, free from the nosey eyes of a supervisor, and away from the pesky interruptions by annoying coworkers.

We have entered the age of work bliss. Working in your pajamas, hitting the fridge for a snack at your leisure, or calming your anxiety by whatever means available, is freedom personified. But are you really free, or is this just another level of control that you were not aware of? The most effective prisons are those with no perceptible bars, no constraints but instead a predefined set of expectations.

The technology available to employers is mind-boggling regarding monitoring their employees. If you think you're immune to this trend of big brother tactics, then we suggest you test it. Unfortunately, there is no solution to how technology is changing our lives. The only play is to be aware of what is happening and realize there is a counter system for every system. Learn how to become invisible even while working in plain sight.

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