Is it better to grow up rich or poor?


There are many stories about billionaire entrepreneurs who struggled as a kid because he or she grew up in poor families. Their disadvantages sparked a burning desire for them to go out and conquer the world. Is the rags to riches story simply a myth to give young poor kids false hope? In a recent study by The National Study Of Millionaires, we were shocked to learn that only 2% of millionaires came from upper-income families. And despite what society believes, only a small number of wealthy people got some sort of inheritance.

It's challenging to grow up poor and overcome your circumstances. But it's impossible to build up your muscles if you're unwilling to lift weights. Rich kids have many advantages that come with exposure to unique opportunities. However, that fortune comes with a curse of complacency that most can't overcome. Good thing their parents are wealthy and can bail them out of most destructive habits that come from a life of privilege.

The key is to deal with the hand you're dealt. Life is about personal improvement and taking action to help others. Born rich or poor, you can't go wrong if you follow those two simple rules.

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