Speed Kills!

It has been a couple of weeks since the fiery crash that killed six innocent people, including an unborn baby, rocked a community and shocked News Reporters. We've seen a lot of terrible crashes over the years, but this one was the worse of them all, reported one officer. Caught on tape by the security camera of a nearby gas station, the scene was horrific. Imagine driving along minding your own business, and suddenly out of nowhere, you are selected for execution by a careless person speeding down the highway at 90 miles an hour.

Driving fast in your car makes no logical sense. It may seem cool or necessary but it's not. You maybe save five minutes tops because traffic flow within the city is limited. But, to risk your life and the life of others is not worth it. The lady who caused this crash survived somehow and is being prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter. Reports predict that she will get life in prison.

This accident happened in the middle of the day, but the danger elevates tenfold late at night. Notice in the video that no cars are waiting at the stop light. Had traffic been heavier, these people's lives would have been spared because all the lanes would have been filled, impeding the path of the Mercedes missile that ended innocent lives. Always be mindful when going through an empty intersection, especially at night. Drunk drivers and people texting often run reds light resulting in fatal crashes. Being a defensive driver is not a negative. It saves lives, starting with your own.

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